Thursday, August 5, 2010

Keep the Momentum Going on the Weekends!

Keep the Momentum Going is a common theme on this blog. I credit Sweetie for giving me this bit o' inspiration!

Recently, I met with a Registered Dietitian as part of my job's Fit Club program (recall I mentioned the boot camp we have on Mondays and Wednesdays). Anyhoo, David R. Orozco, MS RD LD of t+d wellness ( reviewed my food journal and was generally pleased with what he saw. He reviewed my goal to get to 140 and 18%-21% body fat and thought it was achievable based on where I am IF I DIDN'T BLOW IT ON THE WEEKENDS! His analysis was on the money figuring out that I have been pretty much losing 2lbs or so during the week and then gaining it back on the weekends!

Of course I knew this. David was essentially telling me to Keep the Momentum Going ON THE WEEKENDS! He advised to start slowly with committing to make one weekend day of meals look like my disciplined weekday meals. Not so tough. I can handle this. Hearing David's reinforce what I knew was exactly what I needed to get myself mentally in gear to push toward my goals!

With the weekend approaching and social eating scheduled all weekend, I know that I must PLAN! I have to figure out which weekend day will look like my weekdays (even if I have to bring my own food to the Pool Party BBQ planned), and I will only have ONE treat meal the other weekend day--not a whole day of treating.

Kicking up my cardio on the weekends will also help me maintain the progress I achieved during the week and propel me forward to the next week.

I know I am up to the challenge because I am Shay Shay Fit, and I'm Keeping the Momentum Going!

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Wifey said...

Girl, that's my problem. I go crazy on the weekends. Yikes! I'm going to follow your lead and try to make a change.

Winks & Smiles,