Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rested and Ready to Go!

I did something yesterday that I rarely do--RESTED! Boy did I need it! I have the habit of going, going, going until my body decides to slam me down and force me to rest.

I've literally been going, going going since the first week of May when my team went to AND WON the USTA Georgia Women's State Championship!

With the Mixed State Championship being done for now (SEE YA NEXT YEAR!), I'm glad that I took yesterday to rest.

Today, it's back to packing coolers, work, working out, and meetings. I will go to be at a good time tonight because I see Anna Mae for training in the morning (yep, rested this morning too!).

So, it's off to work I go to tackle the day and the rest of the week, which is filled with a flex league match Thursday and charity tennis tournament this weekend.

I am READY! I am Shay Shay!

1 comment:

Wifey said...

You're such an inspiration! So glad you took a day off!

Winks & Smiles,