Saturday, December 24, 2011

25 Days of Giving: Days 19-24

Happy Christmas Eve! Time has surely flown, but I have known this all year! So what has Shay Shay been giving myself this last week!

Day 19: Kale! The gift that just keeps on giving! I could say so much more about this lovely leafy green, but I will just say that I am so glad I tried it after years of "not liking it". I have to thank my god friend and sister in iron and one time trainer Anna Mae for introducing me to kale. Today I scrambled in my whites for breakfast and had kale chips for two of my snacks. Kale gives me a great way to get in more veggies.

Day 20: Boomerang. Just like my sorority pledge sister known as Boomerang, I had to become one with my eating today! I enjoyed a belated birthday and Christmas gift exchange lunch with three of my dearest friends. I will admit that I really indulged, especially in lots of the table side guacamole. Instead of doing what I have done many times in the past with much regret like a boomerang I returned to what I know: I added a cardio session before my pre-Cavalia dinner and ate a healthy meal out of salmon, veggies and butternut squash. An overall good food day!

Day 21: Research and planning. I plan to take my health and fitness level to even greater heights in 2012. Today with my January 2012 Oxygen and Clean Eating Magazine Comfort Food Special Edition in tow, I started putting together my plan for taking my physique to the next level. the process itself is motivating, and I am excited about what I know I will work to achieve in 2012! Stay tuned.

Day 22: Dusting off something new: I have had the Biggest Loser Wii game for a really long time, but have never used it. Well during this holiday season I decided to mix up the workout a little--especially because I don't have access to the gym. I did one of the challenges for the "advanced athletes" as that is Shay Shay, right? What a workout! I totally underestimated it! I will not let that game get dusty again!

Day 23: Active wellness: I guess all of my ripping and running caught up to me! I got a bad sore throat and cold. I have been known to suffer through but I can't afford to be down and out--especially during the holidays. So I got out my old fashioned remedys coupled with a little over the counter and pumped the fluids.Amazing how a little active personal TLC works! Feeling so much better!

Day 24: Happy Christmas Eve! A day full of gifts!: Today I gave myself some active rest--did not leave the house--along with some good clean meals throughout the day, with a little weightlifting and Zumba without compromising my wellness progress. I also treated myself to just a sliver of my Grandma's zucchini bread--enough to know how delicious it is without compromising all of my good clean eats today. Excellent I must say myself!

One more day . . .

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