Sunday, December 4, 2011

Days 2-4 of Giving

Oh how I love this season! For me it is a time of reflection, sharing and fellowship, and of course giving. In addition to some of the charitable projects, I am excited about giving myself better health and fitness!

Day 2-- I gave myself some HEALTHY SNACKS from Trader Joe's. I LOVE Trader Joe's and discovered Roasted Plantain Chips and Savory Mini Edamame Crackers. Oh how yummy! I get the crunch that I sometimes crave without the guilt punch!

Day 3--I have myself a BIG FIGHT! I have been struggling on the tennis court lately and lost a tough semi-final match with my Mixed Doubles team on Day 2. Day 3 I had my first USTA 3.5 Women's match of the Winter Season and I was playing LINE 1!!! I actually knew one of the opponents, so I knew this would be a tough one! This was the first time my partner and I played together and we came out like gangbusters (she too having lost a tough match with our Mixed Doubles team the night before).

The first set we won 6-1. So, the second set should have been a breeze right? NEVER! We let down our intensity and low and behold we lost the second set 2-6! What the . . . .! Partner and I re-grouped or so we thought. We found ourselves down 1-4. Oh no! It will NOT go down like this!

Partner and I had a brief chat and determined that all we were missing was aggressiveness! So we picked it up and FIGHT WE DID! We got up 5-4, but I lost my serve and then we found ourselves at 5-6! So, we had to KEEP FIGHTING! We fought our way to the tie break 6-6 and then BAM! We won the tie break 7-1 and the MATCH!

This was the match I needed to get myself back in tennis mental shape! I love a good FIGHT! This is the gift that keeps on giving on the courts!

Day 4: After work travel, two days of tough tennis, and just being plain ol' busy, I was tired. I had plans for Sunday after church, but they got postponed. I was walking around the house looking for something to do and decided--hmmm, why not REST! The gift of Rest of just what I needed. REST another gift that keeps on giving!

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