Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Days 13-18: Commitment

I can't believe that we are one week away from Christmas Day! I am so excited about spending some quality time with my family! We're a small crew, but we are tight and always have such a great time!

The last week has been another busy week of traveling on top of preparation for the holidays. Busy times like these can really get in the way. While I may miss a workout or two during this busy time, I refuse to get off my clean eating plan. These 25 Days of Giving to My Health and Fitness is helping me stay on track and not gain the usual holiday fat.

Day 13: (Re)Commitment. This journey is nothing without commitment. On Day 13 I heard a couple of ladies discuss their journey. One lady tried to be very encouraging and offer tips for success only to be met with excuses--I mean--reason after reason for why none of what I thought were sensible and practical tips would work. Then I watched the Biggest Loser where they previewed the next season--No Excuses! The gym conversation and the next season of BL got me to thinking about my own commitment level and how I at times can find excuses not to do what I know I should do for my health. Today I (Re)COMMIT fully to this journey. Mentally and Physically. I am going to Keep the Promises I Made to Myself and Honor my Commitment by following through.

Day 14. Preparation. Day 14 started at 4 Am to prepare to get on a plane for a business meeting. Traveling is always a challenge for my eating plan, but this time I PREPARED! I made Pumpkin Oatmeal Protein Pancakes the night before and heated them in the toaster oven and wrapped it up tightly before I headed to the airport. Once I got to the gate, I had a nice healthy meal to start my day. This was much better than the very luke warm--almost cold--oatmeal I had the week before. The water at Starbucks just wasn't hot enough to make the oatmeal I had made the night before warm enough to enjoy (because I always enjoy my morning oatmeal).

Oh, and I can't forget how having my Quest Protein Bars with me got me through the 11 hour day. Just because I'm stuck in a conference room, doesn't mean my metabolism must suffer!

Day 15. Sensible Social Outing. Today was my good friend Reesey Cups pre-birthday outing at our favorite Thursday night wing spot. We have made Thursdays at this spot also known as Thirsty Thursdays, a frequent experience. And an experience it is. We always enjoy the DJ and get our dance on in addition to just enjoying each other. This outing can, however, be contrary to my fat loss plan. $0.35 wings and $5.00 drinks = Recipe for Diet Disaster. Well not today! I focused on the socializing and not the food deals ordering a grilled chicken salad and putting two wings on my plate and giving the other 8 to my buddies to share. I just wanted a taste and honestly I enjoyed the salad better than the wings! SCORE for next time!

Day 16. Roller Skating. Today my Sweet Sport Fitness Challenge pals and I hit the skating rink. It was really good to get with the girls, but guess what: I CAN'T SKATE! The last time I even tried to skate, I was in the 7th grade and had a certain fella on my mind more than getting in the rink! I was really apprehensive, especially because my 35 year old body will not heal as fast as my 12 year old body would have! Besides, I have some serious tennis to play! Who needs an injury! Nevertheless, I got out there! I was SLOW, but I was skating! I'm actually looking forward to trying it again. My Sweetie use to skate all the time as a kid. So, maybe he'll help me learn! Skating is supposed to be quite the calorie burner!

Day 17. A Treat! Today Sweetie and I went to my FAVORITE restaurant in ATL-- The Pecan! their crabcakes--THE BEST! Not only was the meal a treat, dining out with my Sweetie is always a treat!

Day 18. Rest. This has been one busy week! After church today--we had our Christmas Around the World. I coordinated the November Birth Month's Christmas in Ireland display. It was great! The November members came through with some great display and food items. I hope to post pictures later. After a long day at church, cooking was not going to happen. I gave myself a break from the chicken and went out for a nice meal out--I made healthier choices of course! After dinner, I came home and I have been chilling since. I needed this break from all the ripping and running. It feels great to just sit on the couch and blog. (smile). It's going to be even greater getting to bed at a decent time for the first time in several days!

Just 7 days of giving to myself left. I wonder what's in store for me!

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