Friday, June 4, 2010

A Big Weekend of Play Ahead! Rain Stay Away!!

This weekend is a really jammed pack weekend of playtime. It feels really good to have a weekend full of activities that require me to be fit!

I NEED the rain to hold off and LET ME PLAY!

Today: USTA Mixed Doubles City Championship! Team McGhee is the #1 seed and ready to TAKE IT ALL THE WAY TO STATE in Augusta! I am in the line-up and READY TO PLAY and WIN! Let's Go McGhee! Rain, Rain, Stay Away!

Saturday: Race&Relax. The Blogrollers ( have a fun filled morning starting with a 5k in the beautiful Virginia-Highlands area and then Brunch at Einstein's (NOT the BAGEL PLACE!). I can't wait to meet all the race participants and of course to get the goody bag either! I'll will be drinking my Cherry Juice (Go Red!) in the morning with some Ezekiel Bread English Muffins I've been saving until a day when I'm going to really need the carbs! Rain, Rain, Stay Away!

After all the fun with the Race&Relax crew, I have tennis practice (because our normal day was rained out) to get me ready for . . .

Sunday: First match at USTA 3.5! After the success I've had at 3.0, USTA has bumped me up a level. I will definitely have to play smarter and not harder and find the open court at this level. I am ready for the challenge! Rain, Rain, Stay Away!

I am Shay Shay Fit and Ready to Play!

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