Monday, November 29, 2010

A Great Virginia Holiday and It Really Doesn't Have to be Either/Or!

There really isn't a place like home! I spent Thanksgiving in my little rural, one traffic light county--Surry. With my mother and grandmother, great food at the house is just standard and a major temptation! But I prevailed!

I exercised what I thought was amazing discipline. I indulged but didn't over indulge. I worked out almost everyday. The pay off was great! I came back home with my jeans fitting looser than they did when I left (I wasn't so disciplined during my birthday week, so they were definitely fitting a tad snug! LOL!). It really was not a case of EITHER blow my entire program OR avoid all the tasty delights. Moderation combined with exercise really did work for me. I'm pleased!

Anyhoo, I really did have a wonderful time. I got a chance to see some of my good friends, caught up with some of my high school mates (I even cheered/strutted my stuff at a charity alumni basketball game-- I STILL HAVE IT! Check us out!), and fellowshipped with about 80 family members for Grandma Omia's 80th birthday celebration (see my parents, grandparents and me with the family paparazzi!).

I'm back in ATL. While being in VA was awesome, I'm glad to be back in my adopted hometown.

Count down to Christmas! I'll be getting my major fat burn on as from now until New Years there will be social gatherings galore!

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