Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shay Shay's Adventures in Travel--No Nonsense-No Excuses!

This week I had to travel for work--again. As I know I'm approaching birthday and holiday celebrations, I want to make sure that I keep up my workouts.

Thank goodness for great hotel gyms AND free workout videos in the hotel room. While I was able to workout when I arrived that evening, the gym was quite full the next morning. I didn't have my jump rope, but of course I had my body. Between my own body weight and the FREE workout videos in the room, I worked up a GREAT SWEAT!

I am at the point--again especially with this celebration season--where I know I have NO EXCUSE not to workout! I may not get in the exact workout I want, but I can certainly get it in!

So--GET IT IN, Shay Shay! Get it in!

1 comment:

Wifey said...

You're such a rock star! I have no doubt you'll get it done!

Hope you had a fabulous Turkey Day!

Winks & Smiles,