Monday, November 21, 2011

35--BRING IT!!!

Happy 35th Birthday Shay Shay!

Yes, I turned 35 years old today! I am so grateful for all the blessings and prosperity bestowed upon me these 35 years. I know that for some, turning 35 (or other milestone ages) does not necessarily bring feelings of joy and celebration. But for Shay Shay, I am thrilled to be entering 35! Not only am I in a good place personally and professionally (and looking forward to being better and better), I am in THE BEST shape of MY LIFE!

The 35 year old Shay Shay could beat down the 15 or 25 year old Shannon in ANY fitness-related challenge. Shannon didn't run half-marathons. Shoot, Shannon didn't run half of anything! Now I have two under my belt with a third one on the way Thanksgiving Day (YES, THANKSGIVING--3 weeks after the Savannah Rock n Roll)!

Shannon was pretty good in softball, but Shay Shay puts in the time and effort to win championship matches in tennis!

Shannon would have rather spent a Sunday on the couch watching movies--even if it was a bad one or one seen many times before. Shay Shay will spend a Sunday hanging out at a Rock Climbing facility. Check out me last Sunday hanging with some of my buddies who are working toward better health and fitness.

Shannon spent her 30th birthday week in Las Vegas overweight and wearing a size 14/16. Shay Shay spent her 35th birthday in Las Vegas getting inspired and motivated to get Fitter and Finer at Fitness America Weekend 2011 and wearing a size 6 jeans!

Shannon didn't work out in Vegas; Shay Shay got in some strength training and a 5.5 mile run--runing from the resort all the way to the vintage Welcome to Las Vegas sign and back. When I visited Vegas in my 20s, my girls and I took a cab to catch a photo op at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. LOL!

Cheers to 35! I am ready to take 35 by storm!

I am ready to work harder and smarter at achieving the best level of fitness I can achieve and truly Lose Fat--FOR GOOD and Keep on Winning in Life!

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