Friday, November 4, 2011

No Turning Back!

The clothes are at the tailors. The waists are being taken in, and there is no room for my waist to grow!

Is this stressful? HECK NO!


I am excited to know that I will keep pushing and keep working toward my health and fitness goals.

I am VISUALIZING my tighter, leaner, and more muscular body! I really can see it!

There is NO TURNING BACK! I refuse to buy clothes again because perfectly wonderful clothes in my clothes are too tight because I just spiraled out of food control.

With the holiday season, this is my motivation!

No more gaining 15 lbs and then beating up myself January 2nd!

I have power over my physique's future!
I am Shay Shay, and I am NOT TURNING BACK!

1 comment:

Renee said...

Girl, you look so great! I never would have guessed you were ever overweight. Keep it up, you inspire me!