Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Digging this Insanity!

I am now in Week 2 of Insanity, and I am really DIGGING this workout series!

So what is Shay Shay digging?

1. It's tough! I really needed something to push me. I have always underestimated workout DVDs and their ability to push me. Well Shaun T is THE MAN!

2. The insanity is temporary! While I am in the middle of the workout, I sometimes think, "I am crazy for doing this?!?!?!" NO, THIS WORKOUT IS CRAZY! There are points when I really do want to stop, turn off the DVD and stretch out on the floor. Then I remind myself of my goals, keep pushing, and BAM---I'm done! (NOTE: The counter on the screen helps because you can see there is an end to the insanity.) Once it's over, I feel great and all the insanity disappears. What is left is a great sense of accomplishment, and this awesome feelings lasts throughout the day!

3. It's portable! I travel quite a bit for work, and most hotel gyms are just mediocre (on top of my love/hate relationship with cardio machines). Being able to keep up the insanity while on the road is priceless!

4. The stretches! I really love that Shaun T makes me (as if he is in my living room) stretch after the "warm up". The Insanity warm-up is more like a HOT-up! It's a cardio workout all by itself. Half-way through the HOT-up, I am waiting for the stretch! I am bad about stretching, so it's good that Shaun T. incorporates good stretching during and after the workout.

5. Shaun T-isms: "Get Fit or Get Out"; "I'm not trying to hurt you; I'm trying to make you better"; when jogging to stay loose "pretend like you have a potato chip in your hand, pump your arms, keep your jaws loose." Really, a Shaun T, a potato chip--now that's funny! How about a raw almond or apple slice instead Shaun T?

I could go on, but let me get through another week first before I get ahead of myself (smiles).

Shay Shay would love to get asked by bodybuilding.com/Shaun T/Insanity to promote this product, but right now I'm just sharing my journey and how this particular program is helping me. No endorsement checks in the mail for Shay Shay (at least not yet. hint hint).

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