Friday, February 17, 2012

Simple Plan for Fat Loss

I have been on this journey for almost five years now. I have accomplished quite a bit, but as anyone who knows me knows--I'm not finished yet!

This journey will never stop--even when I get to my ideal healthy body fat percentage and desired sculpting of my muscles, the journey to maintain will have to continue.

But, I'm not in maintenance mode yet. I must keep learning about nutrition for fat loss and reinforce what I already know.

Today, Sweetie sent me an article on 10 Tips for Sports Nutrition which lead me to do further research on resources listed. I came across Precision Nutrition. My friend "A" had mentioned her interest in this plan, but I never really looked into it.

Well, today was the day. As typical these days, much of the information from the article and Precision Nutrition website contained familiar concepts and tips for fat loss. But what caught my attention today was the simplicity of the formula for fat loss outlined by the Precision Nutrition founder.

To Lose Fat (and in my case WIN), here is the formula (my own emphasis added):

REPLACE some carbs with VEGGIES
REPLACE bad fats with GOOD ones

There it is--what I already knew--plain and simple. Actually, I have been following this formula, but perhaps not with (ahem) precision. I have veggies with at least 4 out 5-6 meals a day. I haven't really been eating any bad fats in the last 5 years, but I have increased my level of healthy fats.

However, I think I need to tweak the Calories Down piece. I'm looking leaner, but my weight is not what I think it should be at this stage of the journey. I'm maintaining my weight, but I still want to lose. I think my effort to increase my protein and healthy fat intake undermined the calories down piece of the formula. I need to find the right balance between these three concepts, and I actually think this will not be difficult.

All I need to do is focus on the formula and be even more strategic about planning my meals.


This renewed focus along with my Insanity challenge should yield the results I desire.

Stay tuned!

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