Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Band-Aids Don't Really Heal

As I was preparing for my morning work out, I turned on the TV. There was an infomercial for some state-of-the-art body shaper that will help you "lose inches off your waist and back" and "help you lose two sizes". Now, don't get Shay Shay wrong. A woman--fit or not--can often times benefit from a good undergarment. Some clothes just require a little extra support. Nevertheless, I laughed as I listened to the infomercial as I recalled all the things I use to do to avoid dealing with my unhealthy size.

What I have come to terms with now is that all of those things I use to do were just band-aids to cover up the real issue--I was in a an unhealthy state. These temporary solutions may have made me feel a little better (and just a little), but they were just that--temporary! Like band-aids, these short term fixes didn't heal what was ailing my extra-large body. They just covered up the issue and protected me from facing the real trouble with the way I was living. Here are a few of the band-aids that I have now let go (and Shay Shay is keeping it real and honest):

1. Slimming Pants. When I was at my heaviest, I discovered Slimming Pants at the local bulk buying warehouse (yeah, not even at a department or lingerie store). I wore them with everything so that I could squeeze into a size that I thought I would never wear again after my first weight loss journey. I felt like a stuffed sausage; I probably looked like one too! I have now thrown them away!

2. Bra Fittings. Again, at my heaviest, I went for a bra fitting (which I encourage every woman to do). I asked the wonderful lady fitting me: "Can I get a bra with more coverage in the back? For some reason the bras I wear cause my skin to bunch and create lumps in my back." HA! She was so gracious, but I know she wanted to tell me that it was not the bra causing the "lumps" in my back. Rather it was the excess fat caused by not taking care of myself. No bra could fix that. I am proud to say that those old bras are too big, and I had to be re-fitted a few months ago.

3. A-line Shaped Skirts. At one point, I just stopped wearing pants. I refused to buy them because in my mind if I didn't buy that next size up, then I wasn't that size. A-line skirts are just that, shaped like an A. They flare, so I could hide my extra large hips and thighs. These skirts are great and have their place, but how many A-line skirts can one woman wear!

4. Shoe and Purse Sprees. After buying all the A-line skirts I could find, I eventually got to a point where I refused to go shopping for clothes at all. That 16 (which I had never worn before) was staring me in the face. So, I ACCESSORIZED!! I bought some mean shoes (many of them hurt my feet, but they were cute) and purses all in an effort to keep my look updated without facing the real problem--I needed to lose fat!

5. Refusing to Swim. From 2002, until this past summer, I can count the number of times I went swimming on, well, one (1) finger! That's right--ONCE! If I didn't wear a swimsuit, I didn't have to face the music. Only my 10 beautiful sorority linesisters could get me to the beach (to celebrate our 10 year anniversary in our beloved sorority in 2006) and put on a bathing suit. Well, let's just say the pictures are definitely a part of my "before" portfolio. Now, I see a bikini in my future!

I am sure I had developed all sorts of fat loss band-aids, but these are just the few that stick out in my mind. I am glad to be free of them and look forward to this continued journey toward peak performance in health and fitness.

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