Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shay Shay Knows When to Hold 'Em, Knows When to Fold 'Em. . .

Ah, you know the rest. I was so excited to get on the tennis courts tonight with some of my teammate friends. I haven't gotten out since before Thanksgiving (which seems like forever!), and today was as warm as it will probably get for a while!

Well, this morning, I woke up feeling a little less than well. Shay Shay popped some Airborne after my usual oatmeal and headed to work.

Well, three Airborne doses later (it could be in my head, but it usually works pretty well for me), I still feel like I'm about to get hit with a nasty cold.

I was going to be stubborn and still hit the courts. But thanks to a good and wise friend of mine who always sets me straight, I decided to Walk Away and leave work a little early, eat some soup, and REST although I was ready to Run!

So, the Dealins' Done. I'm resting and appreciating that I listened to my body (and to my friend). Rest today means recovery sooner. Recovery sooner means I can get back to the courts and gym before I know it!

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