Saturday, December 6, 2008

Feeling Much Better and Ready to Conquer!

Today was the first day that I really felt up to working out after fighting this pesky cold. I did some upper body strength training, abs, and hit the treadmill. I got so much more out of my treadmill workout than just some good cardio. Those 20 minutes I spent on the treadmill gave me a mental boost as well. I did some hill intervals and even got up to about 10 min/mile--this may be nothing for all those avid runners out there. But for Shay Shay it was a first! See, I've always "hated the treadmill" and "had bad knees and a bad ankle, so I can't run". Well, being on that treadmill, listening to my still only 25 track I-Pod (I know, I know, I'm going to work on that--I promise), and running it up hill and a little faster each few minutes was such an awesome feeling! But for it getting late ( I had to go out and support my tennis team--currently (and will maintain) 1st place McGhee Super Slammers, who took all 5 points today!), I could have run even longer--I know it! I can't wait to keep testing myself as I work toward that 13.2 mile mark.

This journey truly has become so much more for me than losing weight and looking great in some bikini (which I will do!). It truly has become about fitness and becoming a real athlete. I have played sports since I was 5 years old (life was so much simpler when I just had to hit a ball off a tee), but I was never an athlete in the real sense. In order for me to really perform, I have to make sure that I am giving my body the proper fuel and training. To really perform, I just can't eat any old junk and show up. I have to show up READY.

I am committed to always showing up READY--READY to CONQUER!


RAL said...

Go get em' Shay Shay. As my little brother would say "You can do it!"

Shay Shay said...

Yes, I WILL!

Christine said...

Glag to hear you are feeling better! You don't need more than 25 songs on your iPod...I will send you some "daily doses" and you'll be all set! :)