Monday, February 23, 2009

Keep the Momentum Going!!

I have vented my frustrations; I have re-evaluated my training/eating plan; I have declared I'm going to get in that green bikini by Memorial Day weekend, and today I am steady and closer to the 140s than I am to the 160s!

For this, I am excited. But, this only means that I must maintain focus and keep my eyes on the prize! I must remember that consistency is key. I must, in the words of my Sweetie: Keep the Momentum Going!

I know I WILL reach my goals! I am armed with the tools; I just need to employ them with consistency! I have this conversation with so many friends in my support network. We get close to our goals and then for some reason, we allow ourselves to take a few steps back. I say "allow ourselves" because at the end of the day (at least for Shay Shay) it is about self-discipline and focus. If things seem out of control, and I start to incorporate not so great habits or neglect to perform my really good habits, it's about me. I let things get out of sorts. I can't blame anyone else but me! I have the control! And I WILL REACH MY GOALS!!


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