Sunday, February 1, 2009

Oh, how Sweet it is!! We're Going to Round 3!

The McGhee Super Slammers do it again!!!!! The play-offs are not for the faint at heart! We battled on the courts for over 6 hours yesterday!!! I really have TENNIS FEVER (as I watch Federer and Nadal battle in the Australian Open Finals --at the CRACK OF DAWN)!!! This is truly an awesome experience. The athletic and mental skill and toughness of the players, the cheering in the stands from teammates (and no team can cheer like the McGhee Super Slammers!!!!!!) and fellow McGhee Tennis Center players---what a time!!! Nothing makes the day sweeter than to end the long day with a team victory and advancement to the next round. Last night's win came down to the last match (the team must win 3 of 5 to win), and the Dynamic Duo Darlene and Alexis DID THEIR THING AS ALWAYS!! When the battle is tough, you better bet on them! I LOVE to just watch them together.

All of our team played extremely well--extremely well doesn't even do justice. WE PLAYED OUR BOOTIES OFF!! Here's a snapshot of the rest of the team:

Alissa, our Line 1 singles player is a BEAST on the courts . Her endurance is off the chain! Push-ups on the courts between sets--I mean this girl is TOUGH!!

Marci, our Line 2 singles player is OH SOOOO SMOOTH on the courts. Fitness, skill, and smart tennis--these are her weapons and she is dangerous!

Angela and Timika, our Line 1 doubles players and team captains (your example is GOLDEN) are another Dynamic Duo! They are BAAAD. Again, don't bet against them! You'll lose!!

Then there is Renee and Shay Shay, Line 2 doubles. You would have never thought we played together for the first time yesterday! What chemistry on the courts!! We both love to get the tough shots! Look out!!!

Imani (my T2 tennis partner; let's do our thing Wednesday) and Gwen did not play today, but their contribution to our victory is just as important. There is nothing like hearing your fellow teammates cheering you on and believing in you!! And I don't mean a little good point here and there-- I mean CHEERING and Chanting and Jumping Up and Down, and Turning Around! Cheering is ESSENTIAL to Victory!

Kathy and Lauren couldn't make it out, but we would not be advancing to Round 3 without their contributions during the season.

And, Coach Jerome--you're the best! We WIN because of your instruction!!!

So, let's take advantage of the HOME Court next week and Do the Darn Thang!!! IT IS OUR HOUSE!!

I will post pictures from our post-match celebration of our team and Captain Angela's 40th Birthday later. OH DID WE PARTY!!!!!!

See you on the courts!

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