Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Hump Shay!

Happy Hump Day! I can't remember the last time I was home on a Wednesday as I have been traveling quite a bit for work the last month. This morning I woke up and went to spin class before going into the office. And this evening I actually made dinner at dinner time (chicken, spinach, and parmesan egg white omelet with roasted sweet potatoes) and have been putting away suitcases, washing and folding clothes, and just picking up around the house. AND I AM LOVING IT! This may seem strange; I just had a day of the gym, work, and housework, right? Just routine stuff, right? WRONG!

Lately my routine hasn't been routine at all.--never really unpacking suitcases, spending the night in hotels all the time, eating out and late all the time, missing meals, in and out of airports all the time. Just madness. Without my routine, I lost focus.

This week marks the return of the focused, determined to meet my goals Shay Shay. Now, I know that life can get busy and hectic and that daily routines get interrupted--sometimes for weeks! But, I have to make sure that when things get busy, I take a step back--take time to re-focus. I will have to take a step back to remember my goals, to remember how good it feels to look and be fit, to remember how hard it is to get back on track after a long hiatus from being focused on health and fitness.

I know I will do it! I have no choice.

So, today is more than just a regular ol' Wednesday, a normal Hump Day--it's Hump Shay!

Watch out now!

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