Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Prodigal Shay Shay Goes Home!

Despite a little "ah, the bed feels so good" hesitation this morning, I slid out of bed and into my gym clothes, and drove to the gym around 5:15 this morning. Once I got moving, I realized that I really wasn't tired at all--amazing what getting at least 7 hours of sleep will do for Shay Shay!

Although waking up so early can be a drag at times, it is so worth it! I must remember that I LOVE the 5 AM gym! During the 5 AM hour there is no searching 10 minutes for parking--no stalking other gym mates to see when they will be done with equipment--no "I'm just coming to the gym to be cute and socialize and maybe get on the treadmill for 15 minutes." Folks at 5 AM are there because they are committed; they are on a mission (I mean to BE at the gym that early, you have to be!).

What I like most about the 5 AM gym is that you get to "know" people. Now, we may not necessarily know each others' names or any details about each others' lives, but there is still a sense of solidarity I experience in the early morning gym. It's like we are a family. And when a regular member of the family has been gone for a while and returns (ah, that would be me), it's like Welcome Home Prodigal Daughter! People smile or nod at you to signal they have "missed" you. Some may even say, "long time no see, it's good to see you." And then there are my "best friends" of the morning who say, "haven't seen you in a while; you look really good."

Home is truly where the heart is! Outside of tennis, an early morning session in the gym is my favorite way to work it out. I am at home at the 5 AM gym. Any other time just doesn't seem right. I must keep going Home.

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