Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shay Shay Has The Taste

Anyone who really knows me knows that I truly believe that clean eating is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. And those same people also know that I am a true foodie. I LOVE a good meal and dining experience. I am always willing to try new cuisine (including some interesting grasshopper tacos marinated in tequila in D.C.) all in the pursuit of pure enjoyment of a good meal.

This is why the true foodie in me and my Sweetie look forward to each October and The Taste of Atlanta! What is so awesome about The Taste for me is that it is in the Fall (again, my favorite season), and I get access to about 80 restaurants of Atlanta. This year I had Venison Chili and Goat Cheese Grits (yummy!) and my favorite treat of the 2009 Taste: Coca Cola Cupcakes! I had never heard of these tasty treats. I don't even like--gasp Atlanta--Coca Cola (or any other soda but ginger ale, which I may have once every few years (no exaggeration!)). When I approach the West Egg booth they had several cupcakes from which to choose: Red Velvet (always a good treat if baked right), Black Bottom (chocolate chip cheesecake-sounds good too) and Coca Cola (hmmm). I was immediately intrigued by the Coca Cola. I learned that they use actual Coca Cola syrup in the cupcakes (I was a little on the fence when I heard this, but what else would be in a Coca Cola cupcake??!!!??) and also caramel (which I do enjoy on a good dessert!). So, I tried one. And IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was so awesome, I went back later to have it as my final Taste of the day. Yep, that's right I had 2 cupcakes! Now, I have not fallen off the wagon. I have been really disciplined all week (all month for that matter) and keeping track of my food journal because I knew The Taste was awaiting me. Now, The Taste is over for me. I have enjoyed it and now it's time to move on with my journey to toward losing 25 lbs by my birthday (November 21st).

Important takeaway for Shay Shay: I can be disciplined without deprivation. Choose my time when the calories are truly worth it--make it special. Don't make these times often. A lifestyle of living fit and healthy and having the body I want is worth more than any one treat.

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