Thursday, October 8, 2009

I AM Built For This!

Yes, I AM Built for This! What is This? Any challenge I face!

Last Sunday was Women's Day at my church. The dynamic, young woman minister, taking her text from the biblical event of David and Goliath's battle, preached that "I Am Built For This". It was such a compelling message that I couldn't let the week end without sharing my perspective.

The sermon was a powerful reminder that there are no giants that I cannot slay, no mountains that I cannot move--no matter what the circumstance!

Now anyone who knows me or this blog knows I can relate almost any experience I have with my journey to Lose Fat and Win!

For months I had faced the giants of sweets, large portions, a d doing the bare minimum exercise for the goals I seek. I faced late nights without adequate rest, contentment, and just plain ol' lack of discipline. But, I am now back on track! The last month has shown me that I AM Built for This Fight! I have gotten back to the clean eating principles that have served me well, and I am seeing results. I still am not putting in the work in the gym that I need to get the real results I want. But, I know that I AM Built to be a powerful woman of iron too! I am finding that I really do miss strength training (not to mention that my body misses it too). So, I just need to get back at it and consistently!

I AM Built for This! I will be victorious! I am Shay Shay!

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