Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Resurrection Day!

Before I get into my wonderful day, check out my new do. I really like it. THANK YOU so much Cheryl (Allen Mitchell Salon at Studioplex on Auburn Avenue) for taking me on short notice and doing a wonderful job! You're awesome! And, yes. I'm wearing a Lynard Skynyrd t-shirt. I couldn't resist getting it. I can't deny that Sweet Home Alabama is a great tune. LOL!

What a beautiful Ressurrection/Easter Day we had in ATL! My Sweetie and I joined my buddy Reesey Cup for Sunrise Service. Then we hit the gym (the new hairstyle held up) before we headed to a wonderful brunch at one of my favorite spots--Chequer's Seafood Restaurant. I can't help but chuckle at how my lifestyle really has changed.

I recall Easter Sundays where the gym was the furthest thing from my mind. I would eat WAY too much and clean eating was not even on my radar (can you say: lots of baked mac n cheese, too much homemade cornbread, lots of dressing with turkey wings, hunks of cake and/or pie, and bottles of sugar laden sparking apple cidar--all my favorites-oh my!).

This year, I made sure that I had a quality workout before indulging in any Easter meal. I even was careful at brunch avoiding the oh so tasty sweet, cinnamon raisin biscuits and pecan pie and instead filled up on lots of boiled shrimp with spicy mustard and Cioppino (shellfish in tomato broth)(which I LOVE). I didn't deprive myself though. Don't tell my trainer, Anna Mae, but I did have a spoon of the delicious crab stuffing and half of Belgium waffle with pecan and berries--yum!--easy on the syrup, but followed it up with lots of lemon water and green tea.

I left Chequer's feeling satisfied but not full. I have definitely left there in the past feeling like I was going to pop!. Today's feeling was a much better feeling! Enjoying a good meal and not feeling guilty about it. Sweet, because Shay Shay is still a foodie to the core!

To top off the day, I got to spend some time with my first cousin and his family who were in town for their daughter's volleyball tournament. So glad I was able to see them!

Tomorrow is back to the normal strict clean eating way. But, I thank God for today. It was truly awesome!

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bvabrv said...

ShayShay I was wondering how you and your hair were working out, literally...I see just fine. Besides inspiring me to eat healthier, I am considering going natural. We'll see. Keep up the good work!!