Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Heck, It's Been a Week-Lots of Catching Up to Do!

My how time flies! It's been a WHOLE WEEK since I blogged. Not good.

What was good was my business trip last Friday-Sunday that took my to beautiful Boca Raton, Florida. I haven't really gotten away to a paradise type location in quite some time. This little trip reminded me that getaways are a great thing! The ocean was gorgeous. The hotel was awesome. The food--EXCELLENT! I even managed to stay away from the desserts and ate pretty well. I did have one emergency breakfast moment when the meeting only had a buffet of french toast, potato hash, sugar-laden yogurt and un-clean boxed cereal. My Nectar whey protein came to the rescue along with a few pieces of fruit and a granola bar I found.

Anyhoo, it was a great networking meeting, and I LOVED LOVED LOVED Beautiful Boca! Why didn't I take pictures!

Then I got back to ATL and a very very busy week! Wednesday got here so fast! I'm working--slowly, but working--on better time management between home and work. One thing that I will not sacrifice is health and fitness, but I have to make sure I stay on top of all things--especially when work is super busy as it is now. I don't have too much of a problem with managing work, but managing home and all the responsibilities that come with home ownership and being a grown up can get overwhelming. Staying fit and energetic helps. I know I can get it all done. I'm rarely tired. I just now need to execute on the organization and prioritizing.

Oh, and I can't forget the Fitter and Finer Challenge! It's time for the COUNT DOWN! Just 10 Days to the Finale! Short term goal: Don't blow it this weekend! I'm doing well and expect huge results on April 24th. So, KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING SHAY SHAY!

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