Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shay Shay's Adventures in Travel

I am finally back from a business trip to beautiful D.C. It's peak Cherry Blossom season and the weather was gorgeous. Here is a peak at how I managed clean eats and exercise during this trip:

First, Kudos to Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, Concourse E for having Nature's Table Bistro. My Sweetie had told me about this place. Although I was departing from Concourse C, I allotted time to go to E so that I could have some good ol' grilled chicken and steamed veggies. It was quite tasty. Now, they do have plenty of items that may be calorie busters, but this spot has lots of sensible choices for the most disciplined of eaters!

Second, a big shout out to the conference coordinator for my industry association meeting. Lunch was filled with grilled chicken, roasted veggies, and salad greens. There were VERY mini desserts, wheat rolls, and wild rice too, but these are not a part of my current fat burning food plan. Another day, I probably would have added these to the plate without much guilt.

I even managed to make really good choices at breakfast and dinner, but here is where the adventure comes into play.

Although things went fairly well, I wasn't as prepared as I would have liked/should have been for this trip. Here's the lowdown:

1. I left my sneakers! I wasn't deterred though. I did cardio in my socks! Out with those socks!
2. The hotel had great steel cut oats but didn't grind the flaxseed it provided! I HAVE to remember my ground flaxseed travel packs. Eating whole flaxseed is just not right!
3. MUST remember my Ipod! How could I forget. Music makes me happy and my workouts better!
4. Protein powder must tag along. I can always find water, so if I find myself unable to get in some protein because I'm on the run or in a meeting, a little protein powder would be handy!
5. Always pack almonds! Just a few almonds and the blood sugar is back on track. Can't do without them!
6. Right now I'm limiting natural sugar from fruit to get over the hump, but in the future some dried apricots will definitely accompany me on the road! The grapefruit was great, but just not practical with all the juice (although I am sure glad I had that grapefruit while waiting in the airport this morning!)

I now have a list in my blackberry call Travel Must Pack that I will check each time I have to leave town. I will not be caught unprepared again because . . .

I am Shay Shay Fit to Travel!

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Neke-Neke said...

Thanks for sharing the location of the healthy food in the airport!! I think I've only ever been to Concourse E once but I will definitely check them out.