Saturday, January 14, 2012

Oh How Sweet It Is!

It's just Saturday and it has already been a SWEET weekend!

Friday, my Sweet Spot Fitness pals got together at A's aka The Beast for The Sweet Spot Workout Mix Release put together by A and to celebrate 90 days of supporting each other toward finding our Sweet Spots of Health and Fitness. Some of us have lost weight--up to 20 lbs, have started new exercise programs, have been cooking more and eating more veggies and most of all EVERYONE has been get motivated and inspired by each other! It was an awesome night, and The Beast had a beautiful Healthy spread for us. While I didn't accomplish what I wanted during the first 90 days, I'm looking forward to the next 90 Days! I have new sense of motivation and of course My Plan!

The Sweet Spread!

Today, I played my first USTA league match since November! It was such a beautiful day. I actually had to put on a skirt (thank goodness my teammate brought a spare!). My partner FW and I played really well together--and this was our first time playing together in an official match. The McGhee Super Slammers took ALL 5 points today!

I knew I would be out on the courts for a while so I packed my new cooler bag with some clean eats--some quest bars, grilled chicken breast and spinach and persimmon salad with organic apple cider vinegar and balsamic vinegar. All the players were looking at my eats with envy!

Loving my new cooler, Baby!

One of the ladies who eyed my salad and who also was one of my opponents asked if I was a fitness buff? Who, me? My response: I sure am trying! Her: well I can really tell!

How is that for encouragement from someone I just met!

Tomorrow, I will hit the Farmer's Market to get some fresh produce, lean meat and some spices and coconut oil.

Looking forward to the long weekend. I have a MLK 5K on the schedule and maybe a little more tennis too!

I am Shay Shay, and I am Fit!

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