Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hump Day Confession: Pushing Pass My Funk!

So, I'm going to confess! I didn't reach my goals during the first 90 Days of the Sweet Spot Fitness Challenge because I have not been putting in the work I KNOW I need to reach my goals!

I have just been a plain ol' Fitness FUNK! Have I pretty much maintained the 60 pound weight loss and size 6--yes. But was this my end goal--NO! And, I'm just not feeling or looking as tight as I had been.

I have my sights on bigger goals, and I was not getting it done!

This week, I'm PUSHING Myself PASS My Funk! I know what I want. I need to go after it! I am going after it!

With my new cooler and now renewed motivation, I cooked, have been packing up my meals and hitting the gym. Check out my meals for the week all packed up and ready to go!

Buffalo Parmesan Burgers

Chicken Picadillo with Black Beans and Quinoa

I also cooked up some ground turkey and veggies and now it's all packed up--no excuses!

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