Sunday, January 22, 2012

Trying New Things and Being Prepared!

This week, I have a three day off-site meeting at work. While I'm sure there will be snacks, I'm also sure the snacks won't be a part of my eat-clean lifestyle. These meetings will start quite early, so I have to rise earlier to get in my workout and cut down my breakfast routine time.

What's Shay Shay to do?

Shay Shay gets in the kitchen! I must admit that I'm a tad bit tired today! The Aussie Open coverage goes way pass my typical bedtime, but I don't have the gene that allows me to sleep in, not even on the weekends. I'm feeling it. I really didn't feel like doing much in the kitchen today and I had some work to do because I'll be off-site (the work on-site still has to get done!) but I also don't feel like losing progress either! Besides, I'm low on my trusty quest bars and almonds get boring.

So in the kitchen I was--preparing some clean eats for the week. Yes, Shay Shay will be taking the super cooler to the off-site. My colleagues have been warned. Here's what I have prepared, including some new things:

Zucchini Protein-Packed Muffins: My wonderful grandmother makes the absolute, most delicious zucchini bread in the world! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, but I have to eat in only when I go to Virginia for the holidays and then in moderation. I ran across a recipe for protein-packed zucchini bread and decided I would make muffins. I cooked them a little too long, but I really like the taste. They taste like real muffins, but without the sugar, bad fat, and calories of a bakery muffin. I used flaxseed, almond flour, protein powder and egg whites in this recipe. These will be part of my mid-morning snack for sure! I'll be making these again!

Next up protein pancakes and kale, mushroom, and red onion frittata! I've been making and enjoying protein pancakes for a few weeks now. I am truly a foodie of habit. After a work dinner conversation about chia and the benefits, I decided to take out the chia seeds (yes, like the Chia Pet!) and add them to my protein pancakes in place of egg whites. When in water, the chia seeds swell into a gel making them perfect for baking. I have never used chia seeds for baking before, but I'm pleased with the result of my pancakes.

I'm also really digging Kale too these days. I sampled this frittata for dinner with some shredded Parmesan cheese and salsa. I will definitely enjoy this breakfast in the morning. The great thing is that it is portable, so I can pack it up in the cooler and take it to work with me so that I can get to the work earlier to be prepared for the off-site meetings.

My trusty quinoa. I really like quinoa a lot, but I hadn't cooked it in a long time. I added some rosemary, broccoli, and some new things: edamame, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. I had some for lunch today and it was delicious and so quick to make!

Everything is packed up and ready to go. With these items, I'm prepared for my meetings--at least on the food end of things. (smile)

To finish off my cooking session and to cure a sweet tooth, I put some chopped apple, walnuts, oats, a dab of coconut oil, cinnamon and stevia in a bowl and popped it in the oven for a very yummy apple "cobbler." I gobbled it up before I thought to take a picture!

With my green tea, this was a perfect way to end my evening. I'm winding down now and getting my mind ready for tomorrow. I will be rising early for the gym, and I'm looking forward to it!

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