Monday, January 5, 2009

Is it the 5th Already???

Really! I just feel like I rang in the New Year and now almost a week has passed! Time really does fly (but didn't I already know this and have been saying the same thing every year since I turned 30!?!) Anyway, today marked my first day of official half marathon training. Today's training was just 20 minutes of low intensity exercise. I hit the kettlebell gym for 45 minutes (not exactly low intensity), but was really bummed to hear my coach say that the tennis courts were too wet tonight. Oh well, such is life with no indoor courts!

Today also marked the day for me really getting back focused on clean eating. Not only do I have to lose at least 10 % body fat to reach my goals (and to be competitive in the friendly Weight Loss War I entered with some friends), I need to make sure I am giving my body the proper fuel as I train for the half marathon.

So, I have committed (are you for real this time, Shay Shay?) to having only one treat meal a week, no exceptions (Yes, I am!).

This will not be easy; it will take extreme discipline. But, I know I have it in me!

I AM Shay Shay!!

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Dani said...

You are SHAY SHAY and you will do everything you want! Great goals and I wish you much success!! (Oh and now it's the 6th of January! Yipes!)