Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Attack of The Crud!

It never fails. Whenever I rip and run and run and rip and the weather does its hot, cold, warm, chilly thing, I get The CRUD!!! What is The Crud you ask? Well, I stole the term from my boss, but its that achy, stuffy, drained, but not the flu and can't figure out if it's a cold, but I know I'm not feeling like me feeling. So, these days, I've been playing a lot of tennis, having something going on every evening after work, training for the half marathon, not getting proper rest and you get my drift. So, the Crud comes on and reminds me that I need to REST!

Lesson: no matter how healthy you eat or how active you are or how many vitamins you take: for Shay Shay-- I NEED MY REST!!!!!

So, I'm resting more and slowing down this week (I also started taking Zinc today). I look forward to feeling like ME by the weekend.

Good news report: I'm doing better with keeping my food diary. I just need to face it: I cannot keep up with that little book I bought. So, I'll continue to keep it electronically in my blackberry. Knowing what works and sticking with it is half the battle on this journey.


USA FIT Atlanta-Gwinnett said...

Shay Shay, I came across your blog and enjoyed it! You have such a great attitude! I noticed you want to run the ING Georgia...if you are ever looking for a group to run with check out my group -

USA FIT Atlanta-Gwinnett said...

If you live anywhere near Suwanee, and want to come check us out we'd give you great support! I've got 5 really awesome coaches and you'd run with people your pace. Great energy, great support, great friendship! We'll have folks doing the ING GA half and full. You can email me at Oh, and I found out about Kettlebells a few months ago and LOVE them! Have you found out about CrossFit yet? OOOH....with your energy, you would LOVE it!!!! (