Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shay Shay, was that you I saw on TV?

Yep, this morning the Atlanta CBS affiliate show Better Mornings Atlanta taped its Workout Wednesday segment at Condition Kettlebell Gym where I workout. Although the cameras were around, we actually did a full workout this morning. I am really digging kettlebells and will be incorporating them more into my training. I can't wait to see and show the results!

I was actually interviewed during the segment, but it has not posted on-line yet. As soon as it does, I will share!

I hope the camera doesn't really add 10 lbs!

On another note: Happy Hump Day. I've done really well with training and clean-eating this week. Now, I just have to get over the hump and continue the diligence and sensibility on through the weekend! I will keep reminding myself that output is a direct result of input. So, if I want to say goodbye to the 150s and continue to perform well on the tennis courts and in half-marathon prep, I have to make sure that I put in the effort and watch what I feed my body.

Take care!

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