Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Could It Be???

French fries without the guilt??? Baked, but crispy?

I am not one of those people how can't live without french fries. However, every now and then Shay Shay can appreciate a good french fry. Unfortunately, good french fries usually come with bad calories and fat.

Well, not any more!!!

evos recently opened in ATL. They have fast food type treats without all the grease, guilt, and highly processed ingredients. Now you still have to be careful if you are trying to watch food intake to lose fat. I carefully scanned the very detailed nutrition guide and decided on a cup of veggie chili (110 calories) and the Airbaked Fries (230 calories for the small). Now, you can't expect the fries to taste exactly like the grease laden, deep fried french fries, which one can't deny are super tasty. But, these Airbaked Fries did the trick to Shay Shay!

So, while I will not be eating there everyday, I will go again. I will go when I am in the mood for fast food type food like chicken tenders, milk shake, or french fries or when colleagues want to go out for lunch.

On the regular, I am going to continue to cook my clean eats. But could I really have a treat day without it being a total cheat! SWEET!!!

By the way, the chicken, chickpeas, and sweet potato dish I prepared in the slow cooker was really tasty! It didn't look like the picture; it turned out more like a stew because I had to cook it much longer than the recipe stated. It reminded me of the tasty Indian dishes I order. I enjoyed it and am inspired to try more new recipes!

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