Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let the Challenge Begin!

Today is the day that about 20 tennis court fabulous divas embark on a journey with me (along with our Challenge Motivator/Coach Anna Mae) to shed some fat! Today begins the McGhee Ladies Getting Fitter and Finer Challenge. Our goal: lose as much weight that our discipline allows and log in the highest weight loss percentage by April 18th.

I am so excited to take this challenge with this awesome group of women! Pretty much every woman that received Shay Shay's Challenge accepted--without hesitation!

I can't wait to see our results! Watch out ATL tennis community--we're coming to the courts stronger, healthier, and FINER than our current fine!

There is nothing like some good ol' fashion competition to get Shay Shay going. The last friendly challenge I did with a couple good friends back in 2007--I won (although now that I think about it, I never cashed in! LOL! But, the pounds I shed got me jump started to Losing Fat and Winning in Life!)

There are some fierce competitors in this group of women, so I have to step up my fitness and eating clean game.


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