Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hibernating but Not Storing Up on the Bad Stuff!

This winter has been the coldest since I moved to ATL! Thursday night the ice came. I don't mess with the ice--more importantly, I don't mess with those who try to drive on the ice! After waking up to news of a 29 car pile up and seeing the icy hill that I would have to test in front of my house, I decided to work from home. And, I didn't leave all day! I worked as much as I could (our office closed early), then I hibernated at home. There was no reason to leave!

Thank goodness I had cleared out all the bad snacks that I had accumulated over the holidays. I stuck to clean, regular eating through out the day. There was no need to overeat or try to figure out how to make a good snack into a bad one (those darn Stacey's Pita Chips are good snacks, but they also taste so good that they can turn into a bad snack because you want to eat the whole bag!). Storing up extra calories was not an option!

My muscles were still sore from the weight training earlier this week, so I decided to take the day as a rest day. So, I had to be even more careful not to overeat while still keeping my metabolism up.

I still haven't figured out if I will venture out today. Tennis was cancelled because of road conditions and ice on the courts. Whatever I do, I am determined to eat sensibly. I will try to get in some exercise. I have plenty of options to burn calories right here at home!

No excuses!

I have goals to reach!

I am COLD, but I am still Shay Shay! The warm weather is coming, and I WILL be ready this time!

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