Thursday, January 21, 2010

Never Leave Home Without Them . . .

So, I am back from work travel. I had a good food run and managed exercise while away. But, I have to remember to never leave home without a few things:

1. My Ipod! There is nothing worse than going to a hotel gym, especially if it is small, without having your own tunes to get you through your workout!

2. My jump rope. Not all gyms--especially hotel gyms--are created equally. Many of them are super, but enough of them are small with little equipment. All the business travelers seem to wake up at the same time to hit the gym. This can't be an excuse. A good jump rope and my body are all I need to get a pretty good workout!

3. Snacks. You just can't count on being able to get good clean snacks on the road-when you want them. My hotel didn't even have fruit in its little market! The truck apparently didn't come in!

4. My discipline. It is so easy to fall off the wagon when you are traveling. Excuses are everywhere. Then I come back home. Get on the scale. Get mad with only myself to blame! Why even go through this exercise! If waiters bring my whole wheat toast smothered in butter, send it back! If my fish arrives swimming in sauce, send it back. Who cares if they think I am a pain. Shedding extra pounds gained will be more painful! And, I believe most folks in the kitchen understand that this nation is suffering with obesity. So, I am going to believe they don't get as peeved with us healthy-eating folks as we think!

5. My scale. This is really a wish more than a practical must bring on the road item. I daily weigh for motivation or a kick in the pants (this is not for the faint at heart). I miss my morning weigh-ins while on the road. Is there a portable scale out there????!!!!???!!!!

Oh, and if I ever stay in a small town hotel again, I'll pick the highest floor possible. I was on the first floor and woke each morning to the smell of bacon! Not good! I'm glad I haven't had pork in over 10 years and thus wasn't tempted!

Safe travels to all you business travelers out there!

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