Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Jeans Are the Thing . . .

I know so many women who have them. Skinny Jeans. The unforgiving, can't rely on Lycra, slim in the thighs, designer skinny jeans! TV shows talk about them. There are groups and websites about them. I have a pair of my own. And just 8 months ago I was probably no more than 5 lbs away from going out in the ATL in them.

Well, this is today. And today, I am not exactly only 5 lbs away from strutting about the town in those jeans. But, I am not fretting. I am FIGHTING! Shay Shay is fighting back. I am fighting with the sword of clean eating, the shield of clean eating, the breastplate of discipline, and the helmet of focus.

By Spring, I will get into those jeans. I will look great in those jeans. But, my jeans will not just be "skinny" jeans. They will be lean muscle, toned legs and abs to envy jeans. I will do this!

I am Shay Shay!

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