Friday, November 21, 2008

Go Shay Shay, It's Your Birthday!!

Shay Shay is 32 and is more active than I was when I turned 22!! Ironically, I had just turned 22 when I started by first weight loss journey (you know the one where I lost 46 lbs only to gradually gain them all back plus some extra pounds!). Well, not only am I more mature in life, I am also more mature about the way I eat and exercise. I am developing a true lifestyle of health and fitness. I am down 48 lbs (3 lbs away from my 10 lb goal for the month). For that, I AM CELEBRATING!! So, it's about 7:00 AM, and I am already having a great day!

  • I lifted weights and did a little bit of cardio ;
  • Had my hot bowl of tasty Oatmeal a la Shay Shay;
  • Read some wonderful birthday cards and text messages; and
  • Registered for the ING Georgia Half Marathon!!

Nope, Shay Shay has never run a half marathon (although I have registered for one before. LOL!) I am committed to making this a wonderful experience, but a challenging one because Shay Shay DOES NOT run for the most part. I am one mean power walker though!

I am looking forward to a wonderful weekend of hanging out with friends. I'll take pictures and post them.

Happy Friday and Have a great weekend!

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RAL said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful!