Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful!

Okay, I thought I lived in Hotlanta!! It's in the 20s!! I'm bummed because it was too cold (for me) to get on the tennis courts last night (sorry Coach, but numb fingers two days in a row is not my idea of fun!). As I sit here, eating my Oatmeal a la Shay Shay, I can't believe I actually got out of the warm covers and hit the gym this morning (kudos also go to my pal, Stephanie who also braved the cold with me)!

It may be mad cold outside, but this is no time for Shay Shay to hibernate. I have definitely let the cold weather serve as an excuse in the past. No more! I mean really, when I think about it, I'm only in the elements about 15 seconds--the time it takes for me to get out of the car and run into the gym (and I mean run fast!)

This winter, I will avoid the sugary hot chocolate (it's all about the green tea, baby!) and the bulky sweaters to hide the effects of winters' past. Keeping focused during winter even when hibernation seems like a much better idea will make my spring and summer much more happy and fun!

Stay warm and have a great Hump Day!

Shay Shay

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Anonymous said...

WooHoo!! Go Shay Shay! You are right, it's only 15 seconds. And ironically, my body has adjusted to waking up early.