Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shay Shay is Sharing Food Journals with You!

Did you know that studies have revealed that those who keep food journals lose TWICE as much weight as those who don't. I saw the most progress when I kept a food journal, and then I got lazy! Since I'm going Back to Basics, I have decided to really put myself out there and share my daily food journal with you every few days. I vow to be completely honest!! I took pictures yesterday (in that workout top I discussed in yesterday's blog) and will take another set after a month of keep my food journal. I will share the pictures with you. Stay tuned! Here is how I did this weekend:

Saturday, Nov. 1
  • Morning: Old Fashioned Oatmeal w/flaxseed, wheat germ, bee pollen, strawberries and 1/2 banana; green tea

  • Post work-out: Smoothie with silken tofu, vanilla whey protein, mango and berries

  • Lunch out: Salad w/balsamic vinegar, drizzle olive oil, 2 whole wheat pumpkin seed crackers, vegetable soup, 1 dark chocolate square

  • Dinner: Baked sweet potato fries, veggie burger on Ezekiel bread, lettuce, tomato, dill pickle(my grandmother canned them)

  • Movie Night: 100 calorie pack popcorn

  • Workout: 30 minutes kickboxing; 30 minutes cross training elliptical

Sunday, November 2

  • Morning: Ezekiel cereal, strawberries, 1/2 banana, flaxseed, green tea

  • Mid-morning: Egg white omelet with shrimp, spinach, tomato, portobello mushroom, garlic and 1 slice Ezekiel toast

  • Pre-tennis snack: Multigrain pita chips, whole banana

  • Post-tennis meal: Vegetarian burger on Ezekiel bread, with homemade dill pickles, salsa, lettuce and baked sweet potato fries (You'll see this meal often on the weekends!); green tea

  • Evening: Smoothie, with vanilla whey protein, silken tofu, berries, and mango chunks w/ one small banana

  • Workout: Two hours singles tennis


Anonymous said...

Keeping a food journal ABSOLUTELY helps! I've struggled with my weight for years....and it's hard to write down "12 twinkies" and not feel like crap for what you've consumed and done to your body.

Movement is a must, and it can be a lot of fun. I'm still struggling to keep my hair looking tight, but...I have no problem rockin a snatch-back ponytail or Hillary headband when the scale is no longer enemy #1 and my clothes are fitting (or not fitting anymore because they're too big!).

Keep up the good work, Shan - I mean, Shay Shay! :)

EMS said...

Hi Shay Shay
Tell me mare about the mid morning meal. When are your eating that. I am really having trouble planning out the in between meals. Also, do you make your smoothies at home, then bring them to work? Lastly, any tips on how to keep fresh fruit, rasberries and blackberries, from going bad so quickly.