Friday, November 7, 2008

Shay Shay Answers Questions, Shares Food Journal, and Learns a Lesson!

Happy Friday!! This post is a little longer than I like, but I have a lot to say today.

First, I want to answer a few questions from one of the blog's faithful followers:

EMS asked:

Tell me more about the mid morning meal. When are your eating that. I am really having trouble planning out the in between meals. Also, do you make your smoothies at home, then bring them to work? Lastly, any tips on how to keep fresh fruit, raspberries and blackberries, from going bad so quickly.

Shay Shay answers:

1. My mid-morning meal: This meal depends on when I have had my first meal of day, which is typically between 6:30-7:00 AM. I try to eat every 2-3 hours, and I usually will eat around 9:30-10:00. Even if I have a meeting, I try to eat something just before or will take an apple and some almonds in with me. Now, you may say that's rude, but I have found that folks don't care, are use to me dragging around food, and/or see my progress and understand exactly what I am doing.

2. I make my smoothies at home and take them with me to work. Sometimes, I need to add a little water because it may get a little thick.

3. Keeping fruit fresh. This was tough for me at first. Who has $$ to throw in the garbage! I buy frozen berries and mangoes for smoothies (Europe's Best is great and found at regular grocery stores). I now only buy one carton of strawberries at a time, and I have figured out how many bananas I need a week to make my oatmeal. Apples and oranges also last A LOT longer than other fruits, so I buy a lot of apples (because I don't like to peel oranges and the juice is just too sticky for the office or on the go).

Hope this helps!

Now here's my food journal for Monday-Thursday:


Morning: lemon water (I just added this to my routine to help cleanse); Oatmeal a la Shay Shay (i.e. my usual), and green tea

Mid-morning: Protein Smoothie with a few left over baked sweet potatoes

Lunch: Salmon over salad greens, mandarin oranges, and a little feta w/ lemon juice (I ate out for lunch)

Late afternoon snack: Apple and about 10 almonds

Dinner: Tofu stir-fry

Pre-Tennis: apple

Exercise: Whole Body Strength training in the morning; 2 hours tennis practice in the evening


See Election Day posting. Oh, and I forgot to add that I had a couple sips of Champagne--it was a CELEBRATION!

Wednesday-- Post Election Day Off to Recover

Morning: Lemon Water, Oatmeal a la Shay Shay, and green tea

Mid morning: I worked out so didn't have a meal.

Lunch Out: two blackbean cakes with slaw and garden salad with sprinkle of bleu cheese (I dipped my salad greens in Asian Ginger dressing brought on the side); one noodle of a very tasty mac n cheese that my lunch partner insisted I have (I may have to go back for it one day as a treat!)

Late Afternoon Snack: Apple and about 10 almonds

Dinner: Egg white omelet with shrimp, spinach, mushrooms, and tomato


Exercise: I was scheduled to train this evening, but forgot I had a work event. This is why I try to work out in the morning as much as possible. I don't have as much control of time after 8:00 AM!

Morning: lemon water, Oatmeal a la Shay Shay, green tea

Mid-morning: Apple, about 10 almonds

Lunch (Hosted United Way lunch for work): Salad with grilled mushrooms (Ordered vegetarian meal; Didn't eat much of it because it had a creamy white dressing I didn't recognize), wheat roll (because Shay Shay was a tad bit hungry); few sips of virgin mimosa; green tea with pear flavor (YUM!)

Late Afternoon snack: apple, about 6 almonds

Dinner (work event): Okay, there is a brief story here. So, as you can see, I didn't eat much today. By this time, I am more than a little hungry (and it was NOT thirst!). I walk in and was delighted to see a reception area with heavy appetizers. I avoid the fried chicken lollipops, shrimp and grits with cheddar and ham, and the prime rib rolls. Instead I opt for the grilled asparagus, tomato salad and wheat crackers. Oh, and I had one fried green tomato with a little cheese because my colleague said it was worth it. It was, and this one of my favorites since moving to Atlanta! Shay Shay is satisfied, for now, because I knew there was a sit down dinner coming. Right? WRONG!

So, the lights flicker signaling us to go to the next room. OH NO, it's set up AUDITORIUM STYLE! No tables with white linen napkins and table settings! When the program is over, I make a mad dash past the plentiful dessert table set up for post-program enjoyment (because sugar wasn't going to do the trick or help my waistline). I leave STILL HUNGRY! It's after 8:30 after I get home, so I need something to eat and quick. Thank goodness for Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin Cereal, almond milk, strawberries and bananas! Ah, now all is well.

So, what did Shay Shay learn today: If I'm not sure what is going to be served, pack a better cooler and eat a little something before I leave. Hungry and Weak is not a good look for Shay Shay! Also, I need to add a little more variety to my meals--I don't want to get bored and then go for something unclean just to mix it up.

Have a Great Weekend!!


RAL said...

Great blog post. I have a long question. I have read alot about "supplements". I am not looking for a magic pill, just and interested in what are so good additional things that will facilitate building muscle and losing body fat. I presently take whey protein and fish oil pills and have tried some BCAA pills and some L-glutamine powder. But don't know who to trust. Any suggestions?

Shay Shay said...

Thanks! I'm no expert and have no formal training, but I have researched supplements. I am reading Power Eating by Susan Kleiner, PhD, RD and so far, this book has the most practical and useful information for those wanting to learn more about supplements. I have also consulted a nutritionist to see what she thought about particular supplements. I recommend you doing the same.