Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Great Birthday Weekend!!

As I type, I am BEAT! Why? Because I had an AWESOME Birthday Weekend! Thank you for all the birthday cards, phone calls, emails, text messages, shout outs, birthday meals and gifts! My family and friends really made me feel special this year. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Friday: My Day
Lunch out with my girls Myra and Kesha! We've been really busy lately, so it was great to hang out with y'all (missed you Tarece!!!).

I stayed at the office late Friday--on my birthday! I was really tired because I got in a 5 AM birthday workout with my buddy Stephanie. Thanks to Stephanie and hubby Chef Joel (and I can't forget my little buddies Koel and Gabe) for the WONDERFUL and relaxing meal in your beautiful and welcoming home (butternut squash soup, my favorite-crab cakes, chocolate fudge cake, OH MY!).

Stephanie and me; tired after a long day, but our tummies are full of joy from Chef Joel's FABULOUS Birthday meal. A nice way to end my birthday evening--great friends, tasty morsels, good wine, and I could wear my sweats!

Saturday: A busy, fun filled day!

I started off the day with great company and a wonderful breakfast with V, a fellow UVa Alum visiting ATL. Then, a great day of tennis--GO McGhee Super Slammers--Taking all 5 points!! I dropped by Myra's for a nice gathering of friends and got a chance to play with my little sweetie pies-her adorable children.

Then, it was PARTY TIME!!! Hanging out with Stacey (my fellow trainee with Murph--we missed you, Man!), Shareka (my soror and buddy from work), and Kesha (continuing to help me celebrate).


Sunday: All great weekends must come to an end.

I closed out my birthday weekend with Kesha and Ain't Misbehavin' at the Fox. Another great time--the cast was awesome (Shout out to cast member, my cousin Patrice Covington-YOU'RE A STAR!).

As you can see, I am truly blessed (and can probably see why I am pooped)! I better rest up the rest of the evening--5 AM with Murph will be here before I know it!

P.S. For those of you wondering: where the heck was your Sweetie that you are always talking about, Shay Shay! No, we're doing JUST FINE! My Sweetie was sick and had to work, and I missed him dearly. He certainly didn't miss out on blessing me for my birthday though. Looking forward to seeing John Legend (one of my FAV artists!), Baby! Thanks and HUGS!!!!!!

Friends of Shay Shay's blog: Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Safe Travels to those going by road, air, or tracks. Be Blessed!


Myra B. said...

Looks like you DID have a very happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Aw! I am so sorry I missed this beautiful birthday... ya'll had a wonderful celebration... Happy Birthday Shannon!

Love ya'