Friday, March 12, 2010

Keep the Momentum Going!

Keep the Momentum Going! This fat loss motto of mine has been sprinkled throughout this blog over the last year. As I look forward to the weekend, I just want to remind myself to KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING!

I have recovered from my travels and have been really diligent with eating clean, keeping my food diary, and exercising. I am wearing pants and jeans that I couldn't wear when I started Stop the Insanity in January. Oone pair of pants even looks silly because they are so loose now (but I'm not ready to shop yet, so I'll just have to manage). The scale is even cooperating these days.

All this sounds wonderful! But, Shannon has been known to get in a groove toward living a true eat-clean and fitness LIFESTYLE and BAM--I get content and let it slip.

Shay Shay has to continue to TAKE OVER! I have to keep pressing toward the mark of living a clean, lean, and fit life. I'm WINNING this FAT LOSS battle, but the WAR IS NOT OVER!

Keep Pressing Toward the Mark for the Prize of Living Lean and Fit, Shay Shay!

I am Shay Shay Fit!

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