Saturday, March 13, 2010

Update: The Getting Fitter and Finer Challenge

We have 6 weeks left in the McGhee Ladies Getting Fitter and Finer Challenge. Although it is technically a competition, I really issued the challenge so that the participants could have a support system while trying to get Fitter and Finer. And it's working!

While some participants have told me that progress is slowing going (this is why this is a journey and shouldn't end when the challenge ends), others are being much more aware of what they are eating, going to the gym consistently, and thus are losing weight and inches. We even had a team party last week and many teammates brought healthier eats like roasted chicken (an alternative to the lemon pepper wings we often enjoy--they were still on the table, just good to have options), hummus and whole wheat pita chips (I've gotten everyone hooked on Stacy's), organic tortilla chips and salsa, whole wheat pasta, and squash and zucchini tossed in olive oil (which was YUMMY and pefect for the egg white scramble I had the next day!). We didn't even make margaritas! LOL!

For Shay Shay, it has been awesome to have some accountability from challengers who are supposed to meet me at the gym. If I know I am supposed to meet them, I'm not going to be the one who doesn't show.

One of the finest moments I had in the challenge was to hear some participants say that their work will not end on April 24th when the challenge ends. THIS IS IT! This is what I am aiming for with this challenge. I wanted it to be a jump start for me and others, without slamming on the breaks and parking our efforts on April 24th.

Let's Go Ladies! Let's Get Fit and Fine for Life!

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