Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Whole New Shay Shay Style

The hair journey, which really is a big part of my fat loss, continues.
The beautiful press and curl I posted over a week ago (Saturday, February 27th) turned into a nice, slick ponytail look. After intense working out, tennis, and rain, the nice slick ponytail was not looking as nice to me. On top of that, Hikmah, my stylist, wasn't available this week.
Not wanting to get desperate and resort to the flatiron, I decided to take the next step with my hair and go to the natural hair care experts at UrbanBella in Buckhead. Here it is: A two-strand twist out do.
When I first looked at myself in the mirror, I was taken a back a little. I have NEVER worn my hair in such a style. So, I didn't really recognize myself at first. LOL! Then I put on some earrings and got out the camera!
I am very pleased with it, and I am committed to learning more about styling my own hair. UrbanBella gave me all the tools (well, I paid for them)--complete with a page of instructions. Unlike the electronics, I will pay very close attention to these instructions! I am told that I can work out and hold this style with maintenance for about a week.
I am digging that I have some flexibility with this mane of mine. I can do the two strand twist, fingerstyle, puff ponytail, bun and who knows what else I'll learn how to do. Special thanks to my sorority sister Patrice for all your coaching as I prepared to go to UrbanBella and to my other sorority sister Trevious for giving the thumbs up to a still somewhat nervous Shay Shay once I got back to home.
I had other pictures to post: me under the hydration station, the stylist twisting my hair, me under the super duper space looking dryer. But, I'm still not all that good with formatting on this blog. It was taking too long, and I must get ready for my morning training session with Anna Mae!
Stay tuned . . .

I am Shay Shay Fit and Natural!


Tarece said...

Love it! I appreciate your courage and commitment to healthy hair... you look great as usual!

Renee said...

You have now discovered the natural beauty that we all possess and gained your Right of Passage!!


Neke-Neke said...

Very Cute!!

Barbara Graves said...

You will learn different styles with your natural look and you will absolutely love it. I love being able to walk in the rain and not come to work with a scarf and a hat. I started on the natural hair trek 9 years ago and have finally achieved the look with the help of products from Urbanbella.

Keep posting those pictures.