Friday, March 26, 2010

That's My Song!

I have always said that I would be open (as open as appropriate) and honest on this blog. So, I will admit that at one time I just didn't get the hype about the music group Black Eyed Peas. Then came Boom Boom Pow. This high tempo song really got me. It became my theme song for our USTA Championship run during the Summer (when we made it to the finals) and Winter (when WE WON!).

Something about this song just does it for Shay Shay. Proof: I had an Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association (ALTA) match Wednesday. For reasons that are too complex to explain in this post, we're playing at a much higher level this season. It's tough. We're actually playing pretty well, but we have been falling short with the wins (this is humbling for Shay Shay). Anyhoo, my partner and I were struggling a bit, and I was up for the serve. All of a sudden my teammate D, who is my music box when I need motivation, says: Boom Boom Pow! I toss the ball and BOOM BOOM POW! ACE! A true Ace--not a "the opponent was not ready for the serve ace." It was a "just how my coach and I practiced, ball had the right speed, and hit the perfect corner spot of the service box" ACE! It was so SWEET! I need to find this serve again. LOL!

This morning I was struggling a little bit in cycling class. I really woke up thinking, "maybe I should get back in bed." I think I am coming down with a slight case of the "going at it too hard and not resting enough" crud (throat a tad sore, energy level a little down). Because I knew my teammate Nneezy was going to class (because I woke her up. LOL!), I got the motivation to go to class. I was working hard, but like I said struggling a bit. Then, all of a sudden a Boom Boom Pow remix came through the speakers. Nneezy was on the bike next to me. She gave me a look like-that's your song. All of a sudden my fist started pumping and my legs started MOVING! I was able to finish off the class with a Pow!

Thank you Black Eyed Peas for giving me some theme music. I now get it. And that Showdown song is off the chain too. It will be my new theme song as I work through this ALTA season, get ready for the USTA State Championships, and get ready for a swimsuit summer!


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Neke-Neke said...

Shay Shay I love it!! Yes, when that song came on, I knew that was all you needed to kick it into high(er) gear. That is the the sign of a great song - one that MOVES you - both literally and figuratively.
And thanks again for the wake up call!! I swear, I was *THIS CLOSE* to not making it this morning, because I didn't sleep well, but your wake up calls never fail to provide that swift kick in the tail that I need to just get up and get it in.