Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Challenge Week 4 Ends

As I finish up my power breakfast of egg whites and salsa in a Flatout wrap and baked cinnamon apples, I am feeling great! I got to bed early and rose early to get in a good hour of cardio this morning. It may be tough to get up, but it is so worth it (remember this Shay Shay!)!

This morning marks the end of week 4 of the McGhee Ladies Getting Fitter and Finer Challenge and week 6 of my personal Stop the Insanity mission. I may not be precisely on track, but I am close--10 lbs lost! With a few tweaks to my training and diet, I know I will meet my goal by May 1st.

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency! Preparation, Preparation, Preparation! Focus, Focus, Focus! These things will get me to my goal and then I can move on to maintaining.

I can see the Fitter and Finer Shay Shay!

I am Shay Shay Fit!

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