Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kettlebells, NOT My Momma's Treadmill!

There was a time when I was all over kettlebells. I was going to a kettlebell gym and loving it! It's an awesome, lower impact, but high burn workout that gives me cardio and strength training all in about 45 minutes--SWEET!

Well, the kettlebell gym was not close to my house and I let the logistics of getting there get in the way. But, all wasn't lost. My Sweetie gave me some of his kettlebells (he introduced kettlebells and eating clean to me--So Awesome and Supportive!) and convinced me to buy a few of my own.

I have used them some, but for much longer than I would like to admit, they were sitting in corner. I would pass them. They would look at me longingly. House guests would inquire about them. But still they didn't make it into my routine.

Until this morning. Today is tennis day (Go McGhee 3.0 USTA Ladies--2nd round of play-offs!). I wanted to do something to wake up my body, but I didn't feel like leaving the house and driving to the gym. I considered ol' faithful Billy Blanks, but I have worked out with him twice this week.

And, I walked passed my kettlebells. I decided today was the day to incorporate them back into my routine. I decided that they would not become my treadmill--in a corner of a room that I don't use much. Besides, I can't hang clothes on kettlebells (or put document boxes on them as my dear mother did (sorry to call you out, Mom). So, I may as well use them, right?

I only did about 4 exercises x 3. Yet, I still worked up a sweat and had to focus on my breathing.

I am going to find some kettlebell aids so that I can have the tools to effectively use them at home until I can figure out how to get fit the kettlebell gym back into my world.

Kettlebells--not my momma's treadmill.

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