Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shay Shay's Mane--Part II

Here are the pictures from my very long, but exciting day at the salon.
The first picture is just after Hikmah's apprentice Dominique aka Dirty Girl took out the small braids that held the weave tracks together. Dirty Girl really got down and dirty and did a great job! This could have been painful, but she handled my head with such care!

The next picture is a self portrait in the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru. By this time, the permanent color was in my hair and setting in. I was not prepared food wise for the long day and only had almonds and dried apricots and mango. I was STARVING! As you can see I had no shame! I left the salon sporting a plastic cap and cape and got a tasty Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich with extra pickles! I HAVE to have EXTRA PICKLES! It really hit the spot. I was ready for the rest of the process.
The next picture is my colored, wet hair. This gives me a preview of the curl pattern of my locks. I'm liking it! We may explore this more down the road.
Then here is my mane all blown out. WOW! I have NEVER EVER EVER had this MUCH HAIR! It's ALL Mine and completely chemical free. I am liking my hair like I like my diet--as clean and as little processed as possible!
And the FINAL RESULT-- for now! I am very pleased with my hair. Hikmah did a bang up job! We decided to press it straight today so that Hikmah could properly trim my ends, which really weren't that bad considering that it's been quite some time since my ends had been trimmed. We'll try more styles in a couple weeks that may be able to better adapt to my active lifestyle.
I look forward to exploring more options with my hair. We'll see how I can manage it, especially as it gets more humid. I am going to put in real effort to keep my own locks flow. Besides, I can ALWAYS go back to a low maintenance weave if I desire. :-)


Wifey said...

Love, love, love the pics! You look fab! Congrats on taking that huge step. You know how we are about our hair!

Winks & Smiles,

Myra said...

I like the natural look. Your Soror Patrice has the perfect hair dresser for you if you want to go further down that road...