Thursday, February 18, 2010

So Pumped!

In just two days, my team will hit the courts to WIN the USTA 3.0 Business Women City Finals! I am so PUMPED! I am also pumping iron and getting in some major cardio this week. I am feeling so great being back on track.

I have so much to keep me on track too: First, winning the City. Second, winning the Getting Fitter and Finer Challenge. Third, once we win the City, going to the State Championship, vacations . . . Heck, let's face it. Major events aren't the only things that I have to keep me on track. It's the everyday things too: having energy to conquer each day, healthy and active living through my elder years, and I can't forget: jeans, tailored pants, sexy dresses, and high heels (the legs have to be tight!).

So, while preparing for events is great. Events come and go, but everyday living is here to stay!

Shay Shay must live life to the fullest--healthy, joyful, and active!

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