Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Outside, No Junk Food Inside!

Yesterday the snow fell, and fell, and fell! I totally underestimated the forecast. As a native of rural Virginia who had many real snow days as a child, I laughed at all the folks in ATL rushing to the grocery store and closing schools. But, we actually got about 4-6 inches--that's the equivalent of a foot of snow in a city that is not use to much snow fall.

Work released us early and I ventured home to get settled for a work conference call I had. I still didn't think the snow would keep falling, but it did. The picture is the view from my porch this morning. It's is quite lovely, but I am already ready for it to melt so that I can get on the tennis courts--we're in the Semi-finals for goodness sake!

Times like these are not only dangerous for travel, but also dangerous for your waist line! Thankfully, I am committed to this fat loss journey so the most waistline offensive things in my house are oranges, apples, and Stacey's pita chips (which can be really dangerous without will power)!

I am also thankful I got in a really tough cycling session yesterday morning. Tennis is cancelled today (boooo!), so I'll be working it out inside the house with either Wii Fit or Mr. Billy Blanks. Being stuck in the house will not excuse me from doing what I need to do to reach my goals!

I am Snow Bunny Shay Shay Fit!

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